Total Elbow Replacement

Total Elbow Replacement

In elbow replacement surgery, damaged elbow joint regions are removed and replaced with metal and plastic components (implants). Elbow arthroplasty is another name for this procedure. In the elbow, three bones converge. The larger of the two forearm bones and the upper arm bone (humerus) are connected by a loose hinge (ulna).

The harm caused by fractures and rheumatoid arthritis can frequently be corrected surgically. However, replacement is usually preferable if the damage is too serious. The most frequent causes for choosing to have elbow replacement surgery are pain and lack of motion.

The surgeon makes a few tiny cuts in the skin above your elbow during this surgery. A camera and extremely small tools are inserted into the perforations. Your tendon’s damaged sections are taken out by the surgeon. Both types of surgery involve closing the wound with staples or sutures (a row of stitches).

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