Meniscal Balancing/Repair

Meniscal Balancing/Repair

Using keyhole surgery, a meniscal repair is a surgical procedure to replace a torn meniscus. A minimally invasive technique, it is frequently completed as an outpatient. Success is influenced by the age of the patient, the location and pattern of the tear, the tear’s age, and any accompanying injuries.

The residual meniscus has been said to be “balanced” in reference to this idea. A sufficient amount of meniscal tissue must be removed in cases of radial, longitudinal, flap tear, or discoid meniscus in order to rebuild a smooth, tapering C-shaped middle edge for balancing. A damaged fragment of cartilage inside the joint is repaired during a meniscus repair procedure on the knee. Common knee ailments include meniscus tears, particularly in sports.

To remove or repair a torn meniscus, a portion of cartilage in the knee, surgery is frequently performed. A few minor incisions are needed, and the procedure takes roughly an hour. It takes a few weeks for recovery and rehabilitation.


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