Limb Length Issues

Limb Length Issues

A discrepancy in the size of the lengths of both the arms or the legs is referred to as limb length. Leg length variances of a small magnitude are typical. In fact, a third of the population may have a difference between their right and left legs of no more than 1 cm (less than 12 inch).

A shoe insert, a high shoe, an orthosis, surgically slowing growth by blocking the epiphyseal plates around the knee joint, or leg lengthening with osteotomy and subsequent distraction of the bone callus with fully implanted or external apparatus are some treatments that can be taken into consideration.

LLD can be classified as structural, functional, or environmental. The discrepancy in the true length of the tibia or femur determines the structural or anatomic type. Congenital, post-trauma, or post-surgery causes may be to blame for this, as LLD frequently happens after hip or knee replacement.

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