Hemi/Total Hip Replacement

Hemi/Total Hip Replacement

During a hemiarthroplasty, the hip joint’s inferior half is replaced surgically. The terms “arthroplasty” and “hemi” stand for “joint replacement,” respectively. Total hip replacement refers to the replacement of the entire hip joint (THR). A hip fracture is often treated with a hemiarthroplasty.

There are two options: total hip arthroplasty, which entails replacing both the femoral head and the acetabulum with prostheses, or hemiarthroplasty, which involves replacing the femoral head with a prosthesis. Hip hemiarthroplasty, a technique similar to a total hip replacement in which only a portion of the hip is replaced, is used to repair hip fractures. While treating hip fractures, this treatment is also utilised to treat hip arthritis. Recovery from a total hip replacement is remarkably comparable to this approach. The femur portion of your hip joint can be replaced through a technique called a hemiarthroplasty. It is typically employed when the femur is shattered, particularly when the break occurs close to the hip joint.

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