Fracture Treatment

Fracture Treatment

Treatment options include surgically inserting metal rods or plates to hold the broken bone pieces together or immobilising the bone with a plaster cast. Surgery and surgical traction may be required for some severe fractures. A break in the continuity of a bone is known as a fracture. High force impact or stress are responsible for a substantial portion of bone fractures.

Healthy bones are quite tough and can resist unexpectedly strong impacts. However, if you apply enough pressure, they might fracture. The main causes of bone fractures include physical trauma, excessive use, and illnesses like osteoporosis that weaken the bones. The chance of suffering a fracture might also be raised by other variables.

Physical treatment may be required to regain the damaged area’s muscular strength and mobility once the bone has healed.
There is a chance of arthritis or persistent stiffness if the fracture happens close to or through a joint. A person might not be able to bend that joint as well as before the injury if this occurs.

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