Radial Spec Shock Wave Therapy

In the therapy of spinal diseases as well as superficial orthopaedic pathologies, the Radialspec is quite effective. Radial Wave Therapy (RWT) has demonstrated excellent success in all treatment modalities.

Interferential Therapy

Low frequency electrical current is used in interferential treatment to promote nerve activity. You'll have pain alleviation from this, and the wounded portion of your body will receive more blood flow.


Low-voltage electric currents are used in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy to relieve pain. The current is delivered by a tiny device at or close to nerves. Your sense of pain may shift or be blocked by TENS therapy.

Ultrasound Massage

A type of therapy called ultrasonic massage therapy uses sound waves to treat many health issues, particularly musculoskeletal issues like sprains, inflammation, and muscular strains. Through intense soft tissue heating, ultrasound therapy aids in the healing process.


To make muscles contract or to relieve pain, electrical stimulation uses electrical impulses. A small device that generates impulses is connected to electrodes, which are typically little pads with a mild adhesive on one side.


A manual treatment approach called mobilisation encourages movement in stiff tissues and joints. Massage is used in spinal mobilisation to remove scar tissue and constraints that are often brought on by soft tissue trauma, such as a pulled muscle or strained ligament.

Wax Therapy

One of the best methods for providing heat to increase mobility by warming the connective tissues is wax therapy, which involves soaking the patient in a bath of molten paraffin wax.

Swiss Ball

With the Swiss ball, a patient who is weak or partially paralysed can lift less weight. If a partially paralysed limb is resting on a ball, the effect of gravity is lessened, which may allow a weak patient to move it.


Resistance bands, also known as therabands, are latex bands or tubes that are used for light strength training activities and physical treatment.

Chest Physiotherapy

As an airway clearance method (ACT) to empty the lungs, chest physical therapy (CPT or Chest PT) uses percussion (clapping), vibration, heavy breathing, and huffing or coughing.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a therapeutic method of healing used to address musculoskeletal issues and treat pain brought on by injury, ailment, or surgery.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physical therapists assist kids in developing physically to their full potential. They handle patients ranging in age from newborns to teenagers.