Evaluation of Painful Knee Post Knee Replacement

Evaluation of Painful Knee Post Knee Replacement

A complete clinical examination and pertinent investigations are necessary for the evaluation of patients with painful total knee replacement in order to make a diagnosis. Understanding the typical and uncommon issues that result in excruciating complete knee replacement is helpful in the diagnosis process. The review article’s purpose is to serve as a manual for diagnosing patients who have a painful total knee replacement.

Some individuals experience persistent discomfort or new pain after total knee replacement (TKR), which may be accompanied by other symptoms such instability, stiffness, or swelling. Finding the reason for prolonged pain after TKR often takes a long time. In this article, a logical assessment of the evaluation and care of individuals with a painful knee replacement is discussed. Since the majority of the time, a clinical evaluation will offer the diagnosis, a comprehensive history and detailed examination must be performed. Additional evidence for the diagnosis is provided by imaging investigations and laboratory tests.

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