ACL/PCL Reconstruction

ACL/PCL Reconstruction

In the knee, the ACL is positioned in front of the PCL. It is common to miss and go undetected a torn PCL. Preventing posterior knee translation at greater knee flexion angles is the posterior cruciate ligament’s primary job.

The surgical procedure to repair rips in one or more of the four primary knee ligaments—the medial collateral ligament (MCL), the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and the lateral collateral ligament—is known as complex knee ligament reconstruction (LCL).

A graft made from either your own patellar tendon or the patellar tendon of a deceased person is used to reconstruct the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament). A ligament called the patellar tendon attaches your kneecap (patella) to your shinbone (tibia). Usually, the procedure lasts between two and two and a half hours.

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